We are live!

Thank you all for your patience, we are now able to generate usernames for any company who is curious about our stock! Please visit the Join Us Page if you would like to become a member and shop with general wholesale.

Slight disclaimer, as you probably saw in red on the front page:

Although we can now allow members on to the site, we are still not done catching it up to speed. We have a lot of products and are doing as much as we can to get all of them listed for your viewing.

The hard part is over, but we are still adding new products and items daily so visit our shop to get an idea of what we have in stock! You may also call us at +1(248) 355 – 0900 an request email or faxes about our most current items. Everything operates on a first come first serve basis.


Thanks again, we are excited to start working with you,

The team at General Wholesale

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